Thursday, July 06, 2006

God of Wonders or God of Blunders?

God of Wonders or God of Blunders?: "God of Blunders?"

My church has decided to introduce the song “God of Wonders” by Marc Byrd and Steve Hindalong. Here’s what writer Steve Hindalong (from 80’s Christian rock band “The Choir” says about the song:

When Marc played the chord progression and melody, it felt really big. I kind of got a chill-I got goose bumps on my arms. I just thought, 'This song needs to be big, with really vast language.' So 'God of wonders beyond our galaxy' was as big as I could think.

You can read the story of the song at

While this song is one of the most recorded “worship” songs in modern history (around 100 versions), when I first heard it, it rang alarm bells for me. Having sat down and analysed it carefully, the concerns remain. But I also have to admit I like playing it. I’m not the only one. Award winning Aussie writer Colin Buchanan (who is normally VERY careful) has recorded a version – while changing a few words. So does it matter? Am I being a Pharisee? Read on and decide for yourself.


jimcarrol77 said...

Dear Brother Ken,

Having being raised in church my full life I have come
to this conclusion about your article.

Are you so anal-retentive that you have overly worried
about "nit-picking", small details of a song? Are you
that uptight and distressed? Are you unable to and to
see someones heart that you must have a philosophical
hardened critical attitude toward what you believe is
"mistakes." Why did you turn "God of wonders" into a
hair splitting doctrinal statement? Come on Brother!
Are you really that bored that you would find fault
with this song.

That is why sinners do not want Christ. I have found
Christians to be so immature that they hair split
everything. They don't agree on anything. They refuse
to see someones heart for God only overly read into
things that are not there. Your fault finding with the
song is quite a stretch at that. The song would be 10
years long if he clarified every verse and what he was
trying to communicate. Please don't let your over
imagination coupled with your anal-retentive
personality bring more confusion to the body of
Christ. How very sad we cant get unified, we must hair
split and pretend to be God the judge on what we
interpret as someones heart. We as the body of Christ
need to grow up and stop wasting time writing
ridiculous articles that only bring more confusion and
contention. He is coming back for a bride that is
ready (REV. 19:7-9)
How very sad when we stand before God to see the
outcome of our critical spirit that spread like a
disease. I know a man of your caliber has better
things to do then waste peoples time with Christian
pollution. Don't decieve yourself. You are not
openings peoples eyes to the "truth" you are dealing
with a Brother in Christ! Did you go to him first as
Timothy commands, or did you just blast him on the
internet and expose him without a word in his defense?
How very sad we murder our own all in the name of
"truth." How much lke Jesus we are not!


newchristian1981 said...

God is omniscient, and because He is omniscient, dosen't that mean He is everywhere....and if He is everywhere, wouldn't it be obvious that He dwells in Heaven...above the galaxy? He created the galaxy...didn't He? He put the stars in the sky...and all the Genesis it refers to the galaxy as simply being..."the deep" and "waters" the song...I'm sure God enjoys it as a sweet smelling savour. God Bless You....