Saturday, June 16, 2007

Work and Worship

It appears Rick Warren shares my view that worship is our whole of life response to the goodness of God. Worship is hard work and hard work is worship.

Worship is our first responsibility to God, yet most church members don't understand it. For many, worship is just a synonym for music. They say, “At our church we have the worship first, and then the teaching.” Or they think of worship as something for their benefit. As pastors, we often receive notes that say, “I loved the worship today. I got a lot out of it.” Others associate worship with ceremonies, candles, and communion or healing, miracles, and ecstatic experiences.

Rick Warren

Yet all of these ideas fall short. Worship is far more than praising, singing, and praying to God. We worship God by enjoying him. C.S. Lewis said, “In commanding us to glorify him, God is inviting us to enjoy him.

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